Saturday, September 18, 2004


Girls You Can Fuck: Karin 09.16.2004, 11:30 a.m.
by ScantMan

Talk about hitting the sophomore slump! After a successful and fun-filled morning romp with Vanessa (see prior entry), I was ready to conquer the whorin’ world. I set about finding the next girl to prong and pay. The lucky lady was Karin, ostensibly from Oregon, but as I came to find out actually from a suburb of Sacramento. That small inconsistency was to be the theme of my encounter with Karin.

I quote Karin’s ad on MyRedbook: “I'm Karin & I'm 5ft 10inches of Pure elegance and class. I'm here visiting from Oregon and enjoying this great Califorina sunshine! Please show me some of that California LOVE and I'll show you some good old Oregon PASSION!” I will grant that Karin is 5’10” and that’s where the resemblance to reality ends. This paragon of “pure elegance and class” talked like she had just walked out of a trailer park, had chipped polish on her nails and couldn’t even bother to let her hair down when I arrived. As mentioned before she said she lived in Elk Grove which can hardly be considered Oregon, unless Lake Tahoe can be considered the Pacific Ocean.

The real kicker is her claim to “show you some good old Oregon PASSION!” There was as much passion in Ms. Karin as there is in an 8 year old told she had to clean her room. Karin had mentioned on the phone that she didn’t get into the GFE and I learned this essentially meant almost no touching of her in ANY way. She barely touched my cock while she was sucking on it. I felt I had to ask her a few times whether she even felt comfortable doing this. Her answer, “This is what I *do*.” By “do” she must have meant lay there with a barely concealed rictus of agony on her pretty face.

The situation had gotten so weird that I actually started to enjoy the little grimaces and contortions her face would go through every time my cock thrust into her. Her eyes were half-closed whether in pleasure of a desire to escape the hairy, sweaty monstrosity atop her I could not tell. Maybe it was half pleasure and half nightmare. Imagine my mental shrug at this point.

As I continued fucking her, it was dawning on me that her pussy was quite tight and was starting to bring me up Cum-Mountain. I eased up a bit to extend the party. She noticed my slowing pace also and wondered if I was having fun. Just want to make the party a little longer, I told her.

A few more minutes and I was telling her I wanted to eat out her tight little box. Breathlessly she said that she normally doesn’t allow it, I could do it for a little while. Like a shot I was off for her pink happy hole. As much as I’ve been dissing her attitude, I can’t say a bad word about Karin’s body. She is tight, soft and petite. Her pussy was tender and fresh almost like a virgin. I was down there for at least five minutes or so just massaging her clit, tongue-fucking her and venturing towards her ass. She let me have my way and if I didn’t know better I think she actually came.

When she told me her pussy was well taken care of, I suggested doggy style and she got on all fours. Still tight as a drum her cunt seemed to massage my cock with each stroke. But only a few minutes into it and she was telling me her pussy was too sore to go much more. We finished up in missionary and I did cum pretty fucking hard with some lethal thrusts deep and deeper into her virgin-tight pussy.

We were done bare a half hour after we started. She got cleaned up as did I. I told her that we only took half an hour and it was she that had limited the session with her tender cooch-pit. She told me she had booked me for the hour and didn’t give refunds. It’s not a refund if I don’t get all my time, baby, I countered. Well, you’re welcome to stay longer she said, an hour doesn’t have to mean an hour of sex, was her position. Actually, that’s exactly what it means, I said.

Did I leave her the full hourly fee? Yeah, what the fuck, I’ve got more to lose if raised a stink after all. It’s a strange choice of profession for someone who doesn’t like to be touched or to touch. Imagine a Starbucks barrista who didn’t like the smell of coffee or the feel of a paper cup. That’s Oregonian Karin. Also, she’s not exactly the brightest bulb on the block. Her online photos are quite deceptive and while she does look good, she’s not nearly as good as her photos.

Overall, I’d give her a 4 out of 10 and that’s up for a 2 or 3 just because I liked the look of discomfort and pain on her face while I fucked her. It didn’t hurt that she “let me” eat her tight little whore-hole. My recommendation if you don’t want a GFE and don’t mind being rushed is get a half hour with her and pound the shit out of her.

Thursday, September 16, 2004


Girls You Can Fuck: Vanessa 09.16.2004, 4 a.m.
by ScantMan

They say you never forget your first time. While this was certainly not my first screw (that honor belongs to the cute Taiwanese girl from Columbia, Maryland in the late ‘80’s), it was definitely a memorable experience.

I had gotten the idea into my head a few weeks ago, sometime in August, that I wanted to finally take the plunge and try out a professional girl. Cost was not the biggest issue since dating required expenditures greatly in excess of a couple of hundred dollars (and often less) than a local pro. With a pro you also knew what you were paying for, how long you could stay, and that there would be no phone calls the next day nor any hurt feelings. Health was an issue, but all pro ads insisted on protection for all genital penetration. Besides, every now and again you just have to close your eyes and jump.

On the listings in the Bay Area there is an extensive listing of professional erotic services being offered. Many listings are also provided and expanded on a site called As you can tell, I’d been doing my web research like a diligent monkey.

The options were extensive: white girls, black girls, Latinas, Asians, and trannys (no, really). I like to shop a bit, see what’s out there in terms of possibilities, case the proverbial joint. There’s a pool of prospects out there: redheads, blonds, offering girlfriend experiences, all manner of sexy play. My choices begin to narrow to a few girls: the hot blond with freckles, the older redhead with pierced nipples, the other older redhead who looks like a friend of mine.

My MO starts to take shape: look at ads, get excited, look at ads some more, decide to call one of the girls, surf porn, jerk off, go to bed. For a few days in a row I’m all about the window shopping. I’m too nervous, my heart starts to speed up as I reach for the phone to dial the number. I keep chickening out.

Then tonight it’s the first night of Rosh Hoshana, Jewish New Year (I’m a member of The Tribe, now it’s official). I’m not going in to work tomorrow. I finally do my workout at like 2:30 a.m. I’ve got all this pent up energy and start to surf. Looking at ads. Surfing porn. Then I see her ad: posted less than 15 minutes before. Vanessa is still playing and looking for a good time (and cash money). Those freckles and tight ass can no longer be denied.

I reach for the phone expecting to wimp out again. I dial the number. . . and get a busy signal. I check the number and dial again. This time the phone rings but then goes dead. Ah well, I think to myself, guess tonight is not the night after all.

Two minutes later my phone rings.

“I just got a call from this number, this is Vanessa,” says the friendly female voice.
“Um, yes, hi, this is ,” I stammer. “I just saw your ad in Redbook and wanted to call for more information.”

Here I am getting directions from a strange but sexy woman while sweating off my latest workout. My hand shakes as I write out the directions, the price and her phone number. We set the time and I’m off and running. I shower, hop in the car and race to grab cash and condoms. There’s a 7-11 just a few blocks away and I run in for what must be a common occurrence at 3:30 a.m. : I go to the cash machine for a sizable withdrawal (no $300 limits like good old ThemeDog) and condoms. The Indian guy behind the counter couldn’t care less. I’m out of there in under 2 minutes and race downtown for my “rendezvous”.

The directions take me to a local hotel. I arrive and call Vanessa. She tells me to walk around to one of the buildings in the rear. In the dark I make my way through the parking lot of the hotel with a manic halogen light sending Morse code to tweaking aliens. Though the hotel is not one of the better ones in town the parking lot is peppered with Mercedes, BMW’s and Lexus’, all late models. I wait for a few minutes at the door to the rear hotel building until the elevator doors open and Vanessa comes out to let me in.

As soon as I see Vanessa I am relieved: she looks like her photos and better. She is slim, fine-skinned and I can see those adorable freckles. She fresh from a shower so I know she’ll taste good. Her face is very open and friendly. We chat as she lets me in and we ride the elevator the third floor and wend our way to her room. Her description was spot on: a tall girl with blond hair, a tight ass, long legs and graceful fingers.

Once we’re in the room we chat for a moment and then Vanessa lets me know we can get more comfortable, i.e. naked. She removes her tube top and ass-hugging shorts. Her pussy is freshly shaved and still pink from the razor. Once her tube top is on the floor I can see she’s got pink nipples on small droopy breasts. If tits are you forte, you’ll be a bit disappointed. The rest of Vanessa’s body more than makes up for it though: an ass that just won’t quit, a pink sweet (literally sweet) pussy, firm legs and slim back and flat stomach. We got the fee out of the way up front, as you would expect. She usually charges $250 for an hour but her late night rate was $225.

Vanessa does do a bit of GFE but it’s pretty perfunctory and I could tell it wasn’t really her thing. One thing I really appreciated was that while it was clear she was a smoker, Vanessa was careful to get her breath minty and sweet (there’s that sweet again).

While I lay on the bed naked, Vanessa ran her hands over my body and played with my nipples. She was very solicitous about asking what I liked and what I didn’t. She made it clear that the two things she didn’t do was Greek and nothing unprotected. Her fingers played along my skin and helped to relax me. Very cutely she asked if I liked oral, I gave her the high sign. She opened a condom and slid it onto me. Once she started playing with my dick she was very complimentary.

“You didn’t tell me you had a big dick,” she said, fluttering her eyelashes at me.

“I’m glad you like it,” was all I could manage.

To summarize the blow by blow at this point: we started with her on top, then I had her on her knees and ate her ass and pussy for a while. I then fucked her doggy style and put her on her back for a while. She was making all the right moaning noises of (simulated) pleasure. Her eyes gave her away as not too engaged in the missionary position though doggie style proved a favorite. Anytime a woman stares into the middle-distance while being pounded she’s not really there.

After a good deal of missionary fucking, I asked her to give me a handjob. She agreed and got some lotion. I then asked for a 69 with her jerking me off while I ate her pussy and ass (no BBBJ with this girl). The 69 worked for me hardcore and I think was kinda getting to her as well especially my tongue-fucking her pussy and licking her ass. We ended watching each other play with ourselves: her long fingers running over her clit and pussy lips while I jerked myself into a frenzy watching her. I came like a banshee and she watched with a smile.

Vanessa headed off into the bathroom to clean herself up as well as towel off the bedspread (I felt a little bad for the next guy and a little creeped out from the previous guy). I washed myself off as well, covered with exertion and excitement sweat as I was. Vanessa made pleasant small talk as we both got dressed.

“Those hours go by too fast,” I said. “Though I guess not for you, huh?” Vanessa just smiled.

I did give Vanessa a $20 tip since she was so nice and solicitous. She invited me to come back any time and told me that since she’s bad with names I’d be “Big Mike”. Once I got outside I realized that only about 40 minutes had passed with Vanessa. But there was nothing for it really, though she promised an unhurried hour, she pretty much had hustled me out of there. Once I got home I wrote her a thank you email mentioning that I kinda got short-changed on time.

Overall, if you like white girls with tight bodies, round butts and a sunny disposition, then Vanessa is for you. You may need to keep one eye on the clock though. Overall an 8 out of 10.